Peak Mobile Patcher


PEAK Mobile Patcher has 2.5 ton capacity. Makes high performance PEAK asphalt pavement for patching.
This equipment is being designed and built. It will be ready for rental and purchase in 2020.

The PEAK Mobile Patcher by Diamond Road produces a high quality rubberized asphalt patching material (PEAK asphalt) to create the best patches in concrete and asphalt.
PEAK stands for:

P Progressively voided
E Eight percent oil (the highest in the industry)
A Asphalt (Asphalt based, can be made using recycled asphalt as a major component)
K Key additives (rubberized oil both polymer and rubber crumbs from recycled tires), carbon black (anti-oxidant), lime (anti-strip), highly crushed aggregate to create voids to hold the additional oil.

PEAK Asphalt